Shadows of Time

International contest for sundial makers - XIV year


To promote the knowledge of the astronomical, historical and artistic features of sundials.
To promote the preservation and restoration of existing sundials, as well as the construction of new ones. To encourage their use for didactic purposes and for the diffusion of astronomical knowledge.


This competition is open to any sundial maker that has made one or more sundials (the projects can be presented out of contest). Each entrant must send a printed photo of a sundial (maximum of 3 different works per contest) built by himself/herself (10x15 cm or other formats, with 6 copies of the same photo) plus one digital image on CD-Rom for each photo. We also accept cardboard sundial models out of contest. The best models will be mentioned. The materials will not be sent back. In addition, a descriptive card in Italian or English, containing the required information (see form) must be submitted. Each entrant needs to specify if he/she chooses either the amateur or the professional section.amateur or the professional section.

The deadline for entries is December 31, 2018.



The following is a list of the members of the committee who will review the material and evaluate the best sundial: Francesco Azzarita (founder of the sundial section of Italian Amateur Astronomers' Union), Mirco Antiga (Unione Astrofili Bresciani), Piero Bianucci (journalist), Giovanni Paltrinieri (sundial maker). Project and organisation by Loris Ramponi (Unione Astrofili Bresciani). The committee will meet to define the list of the winners and the prizes, which will be given to the first, second and third place.
The best work from the professionals will not compete for the prizes but will be awarded a special mention.

For each winner the prize will be a CD-Rom with all the best works of the latest contests and a gift offered by Serafino Zani Study and Research Center.
The award ceremony will take place in Brescia. The images of the best works will be published in this site.


Please submit all the documentation required to enter the contest to:
Centro Studi e Ricerche Serafino Zani
Via Bosca 24 - C.P. 104
25066 Lumezzane (Brescia) - Italy

tel. +039 030 87 21 64 - Fax +039 030 87 25 45
e-mail: [email protected]